Friday, September 4

The Love for Hatred!

It enrages me to know of the things people are scared of! It enrages me even more to know the kind of people who are legally allowed to procreate and pass on the fears! These fears are just ways of killing humanity. Slow death of killing everything around to artificially create a safe haven for “us.”

People live through their entire lives without experiencing the cool shade of an old fat tree because it had to give way to something more meaningful (monetarily). The smell of fresh spring leaves, the awe of looking at flowers bloom and color the streets in a myriad of different colors! The chirp of birds and the amazement of looking at nests, eggs, and little birds! They miss it all!

People live through their entire lives without experiencing the warmth and love of a friendly neighborhood dog or cat. Their unnerving loyalty. Their need to be loved and cared for. The sheer joy of being able to take care of another life which isn’t yours. Have you wondered why dogs run away when a stone is thrown at them? They can easily charge and bite and they will surely win! I wish they started soon!

People live through their entire lives without experiencing the joy of helping someone in need. Some will argue that people in need haven’t worked hard enough to deserve help. Well, yes. May be. Who are we to judge the life someone has lived? We all need that extra push and that belief from someone that things can change.

People live through their entire lives without experiencing the sense of responsibility of NOT dirtying a place, not spitting, not peeing wherever. No! It’s not the government’s responsibility to clean. It is our responsibility more because we are the people who are walking the streets, not someone called the “government.” And seriously, how difficult is to find a garbage bin to throw something or even carrying something back home?

People live through their entire lives without feeling loved by people, animals, and nature around. Because this love isn’t something that will suddenly fall from the sky. It needs to be earned.

Monday, September 22


When anyone is robbed off their rights to exist, speak, and even demand justice, it's the end of what we call democracy. I have been political, but it took me a few years of maturity to realise that it's not an ideology that can build or run a nation. It's simple crude hard work. It's the same concept as life really, where you will often see a very hard working person excelling in life more than an intelligent mind. It doesn't matter if you have worshipped Jyoti Basu, believe in Modi, or still absolutely believe that Mamata Banerjee is the future of our state. Your voice will be heard when you cast your vote. Right now, it's not about that.

Imagine this. You are a 5 year old kid and you are being slapped, hit, and sexually molested by you uncle, someone your family said you could trust and will protect you when they aren't around. You complain and your family says you are lying, that you are reacting like this because your stock of chocolates have not been replenished, that you are lying to get what you want. That what you think was sexual molestation is nothing but a small incident. Did you feel the frustration, the feeling of being disowned? Did you feel the fear that it will happen again now that the only people who could keep you safe won't? It's kind of similar here, really just that there is no 5 year old here. It's college kids reacting to what could have happened to them but happened to their friend and have voiced their concern. The authority who could have protected them have let them down and they know that it will happen again.

It doesn't have to happen to you for you to raise your voice. It doesn't need to happen to your family or loved ones for you to feel it. It's really not all about power and seats and votes. If it would have been, I am sure there are enough people who would have signed off their #hokkolorob messages with thier political hues.

I only pray that people who are speaking against the movement, supporting the lawlessness of the actions taken don't face what the protestors have. After all, this movement is about getting justice for everyone, even if they are being blind and misguided by what they call authority.

Thursday, July 31

Did You Know?

I created these for a business venture my husband started. The company is closed, but I think they are cool to share:

Monday, May 26

News Bothering Me!

There have been few things in the news bothering me for a while now. Probably it’s time I vent it out.

  1. Malaysia Airlines 370: How can a freaking airline just go missing? I know there are theories around it, some claiming it was shot down, some talking about alien attacks and other talking about their own conspiracy theories. Whatever be the reason, how can the WHOLE thing not be found yet? If we can’t find a plane on our own planet, how the hell are we planning to find aliens?
  2. Boko Haram: So the name of the group means Western Education is Bad. Fine. That’s an opinion. So why do girls get kidnapped? And are 300 women just playing victims? Can’t they fight back rather than playing victims? And why is Islam to blame? How the hell can a religion tell someone that they should kidnap women and SELL them like commodities? Something is seriously wrong with the human race.
  3. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Sonam Kapoor, and Mallika Sherawat: These women are walking the carpet at Cannes because of their association with L’Oreal, not because they represent India. And for heaven’s sakes who cares what they are wearing, if they are copying someone, and what their personal life includes. One woman is on a maternity break, the other one represents the coy Indian sissy woman, and I don’t remember when I last saw the other one!

Wednesday, April 16

Treating Everyone Equally

Yes, we spend more time in malls than in mandirs and probably spend more money in movies and video games than setting up a home, but you know what's different in my generation? We believe in treating everyone equally.

We would buy a car and a house before having a baby. We would donate our savings in the blink of an eye. We would extend our hands to help your society would shun, but that's all because we believe in treating everyone equally.

Do we care about what society says? I don't think so because in our society, we don't judge and comment much. If you think your society has a problem with what we do, we probably live in different societies. And you know what? We don't care what your society says because we believe in treating everyone equally.

We may be skinny thin or obese, may have different sections in the supermarket to pick up clothes from. But it's all available under one roof right from extra small to super super large. It's all about being who you are we are all the same and we believe in treating everyone equally.

It's been 28 years for me in this world and over the years the words of concern have changed. It has changed from what will do in life and who will marry you to are you having fun, are you happy. We have fun in various different ways, sometimes even sharing a laugh with an eunuch. We believe in treating everyone equally.

Thank you Supreme Court for bringing back our faith in you and doing something the country should have done decades earlier. Thank you for adding the obvious third gender we close our eyes to. Thank for for starting to treat everyone equally.