Monday, September 22


When anyone is robbed off their rights to exist, speak, and even demand justice, it's the end of what we call democracy. I have been political, but it took me a few years of maturity to realise that it's not an ideology that can build or run a nation. It's simple crude hard work. It's the same concept as life really, where you will often see a very hard working person excelling in life more than an intelligent mind. It doesn't matter if you have worshipped Jyoti Basu, believe in Modi, or still absolutely believe that Mamata Banerjee is the future of our state. Your voice will be heard when you cast your vote. Right now, it's not about that.

Imagine this. You are a 5 year old kid and you are being slapped, hit, and sexually molested by you uncle, someone your family said you could trust and will protect you when they aren't around. You complain and your family says you are lying, that you are reacting like this because your stock of chocolates have not been replenished, that you are lying to get what you want. That what you think was sexual molestation is nothing but a small incident. Did you feel the frustration, the feeling of being disowned? Did you feel the fear that it will happen again now that the only people who could keep you safe won't? It's kind of similar here, really just that there is no 5 year old here. It's college kids reacting to what could have happened to them but happened to their friend and have voiced their concern. The authority who could have protected them have let them down and they know that it will happen again.

It doesn't have to happen to you for you to raise your voice. It doesn't need to happen to your family or loved ones for you to feel it. It's really not all about power and seats and votes. If it would have been, I am sure there are enough people who would have signed off their #hokkolorob messages with thier political hues.

I only pray that people who are speaking against the movement, supporting the lawlessness of the actions taken don't face what the protestors have. After all, this movement is about getting justice for everyone, even if they are being blind and misguided by what they call authority.

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